In-Home Support

Lutheran Disability Services (LDS) provides flexible supports to clients who are residing in their own homes or in other shared accommodation. We want you to live the life you choose while remaining in your accommodation. To do this, we can provide a range of supports to you that can assist you at home or out in the community. For our in-home supports brochure, click here.

These include support with:

  • cooking, including meal planning, following a recipe, and grocery shopping
  • cleaning, gardening and other household tasks
  • personal care routines
  • administering medication
  • accessing medical and allied health appointments
  • outcome-specific learning at home and implementing therapy recommendations
  • accessing community events and activities of your choice, including transportation.

These services are evaluated on a case-by-case arrangement by our intake team, including information such as location, the span of hours, funding and level of support required. It is worth noting that there is a two-hour minimum for shifts according to the relevant award, and staffing for very short shifts may be hard to resource.

If you would like to explore other ideas and opportunities for in-home support, please click the button below.