Autumn Activities at LDS

Our LDS clients have truly made the most of this beautiful autumn season! They’ve been enjoying crisp walks through scenic trails, taking in the colourful greenery that autumn offers. Each outing is a chance to embrace the fresh air and stunning views, creating wonderful memories together. The spirit of community love is evident as they share these joyful experiences, making this season even more special.

In addition to exploring nature parks, our clients have also spent time at the beach, taking in the serene ambiance and sounds of the waves. The beach trips have been perfect for relaxing, as well as for enjoying picnics and seaside strolls.

Maintaining fitness and staying active is important to our clients, and autumn has provided the ideal backdrop for engaging in various sports and physical activities. Whether it is playing cricket, participating in group exercise sessions, jumping on trampolines, dancing to music, or simply walking through the park, our clients enjoy a way to keep fit whilst having fun.

Embracing the outdoors in every way possible, they have also taken part in community events, enjoying the seasonal festivities and bonding over shared interests. Some clients have enjoyed going to the football games during Gather Round and other home games, barracking their favourite teams, whilst other clients have interests in visiting local cultural events such as the Japanese Festival, Medieval Fair, kite festivals, and car shows. An we can’t forget about the musicals – Elvis, One of our clients went on a holiday travelling around the Fleurieu Coast, taking in all the sights and experiences South Australia has to offer – meeting dolphins, seals and penguins. She even went on a quad bike tour through a farm, greeting cows and sheep along the way!

The combination of beautiful autumn weather, vibrant activities, and a strong sense of community has certainly made this season truly enjoyable for our clients.

See below a collection of photos of our clients embracing autumn, showcasing their adventures and the joy they find in each moment!