Celebrating Friendships at the Latest TGIF Event

Our wonderful LDS clients came together for an amazing evening at the most recent Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF) event: Live music by the band The Three Amigos! It was a night filled with friendships new and old, dancing, and singing their hearts out. It was a joy to see everyone having such a fantastic time and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Fun is at the core of our values, and nights like these remind us why. The energy was buzzing, and the great big smiles on everyone’s faces were truly priceless to witness. The dance floor encouraged people to dance and jig, moving to the rhythm, letting loose, and enjoying the company of friends. The Three Amigos delivered a spectacular performance, that kept the crowd entertained all night long.

The evening was not just about the music and dancing, but also about the bonds that were strengthened and the new friendships that were formed. As the music played on, conversations flowed, laughter filled the air, and a sense of community was strong. It was heartwarming to see so many people coming together, sharing their joy, and creating such a positive atmosphere. These moments of connection and celebration are what make EBC TGIF events so special and memorable. Your enthusiasm and spirit are what make these events a success. We look forward to many more nights of fun, energy, and togetherness.


A big thank you to all the organisers and contributors that make these events a great success.

In particular, thank you to organisers Michael McMillan from Lutheran Disability Services, and Lea Berry & Barry Bennet from Edwardstown Baptist Church for putting on a great  evening dinner and show every month.

We’d also like to thank Catherine, Grace, Aimee, Jenny & Julianne assisting in the kitchen for the yummy meals.

Thank you to June for managing the front door for all people entering, and Wes and Trevor for dishwashing.

Thank you to Chris for set up and pack down, and Peter for cooking on the BBQ.

The team also organise EBC Inspire weekly – a get together every Tuesday for lunch and activities such as bingo and quizzes. Inspire offers the opportunity for folk with various abilities a place to socialise with other people. All are welcome to join a variety of activities with the option of a lovely meal!

If you are interested in coming along and joining in on the fun, contact Edwardstown Baptist Church at office@ebc.org.au.