Lutheran Disability Services welcomes a brand new house in Mt Barker, titled VIC as of the past week! Two existing LDS clients David and John who previously lived on their own in smaller units seperately have both moved into a new SDA house in the Adelaide Hills, providing them with a much more accessible home to live in safely and securely with a full roster of supports, and a housemate to enjoy spending time with and share a home with. This is a wonderful new opportunity for the men to be in a beautiful new area that offers lots of new opportunities to connect with activities, services, and the local community. The house is a brand new Specialised Disability Accommodation (SDA) home with ensuite bathrooms and an accessible layout to better support our clients. The shared support will enable both men to live comfortably with well-planned supports to better suit their needs. We look forward to seeing John and David enjoy their new home and community!

David getting comfortable on the new sofa!

John & David relaxing as they move their belongings in!