From the Desk of the CEO – September 2022

Dear clients, families and supporters, it is my great pleasure to invite you all to the LDS end of year family gathering complete with nativity play and lots of fun activities and great food. As per the invite later in this communique, it will be held on 26th November 2022 at the Fullarton Community Centre. It will be so good to return of a face-to face events where we can celebrate our client’s achievements, to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Lord and Saviour, and to share in fellowship and service with our wonderful community of clients, families, advocates and staff.

LDS Structure

Following some of the management changes over the past 12 months and following feedback from a number of families, we have recognised we need to continue to invest in the management layers of LDS to continue to provide the support and development of our wonderful teams of support workers who work with our clients. When we introduced the role of team leader, the intention was that they would spend a portion of their time on staff development, administration and be supported by our two Senior Client Service Managers Ben and Matt. This structure has been working well but we acknowledge the increasing workloads on team leaders and Senior Client Service Managers. In our recent client surveys you have told us that you want your team leader to be freed up so that they can be more available in the houses.

Based on the above and to ensure we continue to invest in our people, we are in the process of hiring four new Client Service Managers to focus on staff development, client service delivery quality and effectiveness while making sure the team leaders have enough time to focus on day to day supports for our clients. We will communicate who our new Client Service Managers are to all clients and families after as the recruitment is finalised. Your team leader will continue to be your main point of contact for any matters relating to clients. Please reach out to them at any time, they are there for you as are Ben and Matt our Senior Client Services Managers. My door is always open too, if you wish to raise any matters of concern or compliment.

Thank you once again for your continued partnership in supporting and empowering our clients to achieve their goals. One of LDS core values is “Excellence”. While we are not always “excellent” we will continue to strive to improve and develop our awesome team of support workers who go the extra mile and have a heart for our mission to help clients thrive and to connect in Christian community. We will keep investing in our teams and always welcome feedback on how we can improve our services.

I particularly want to shout out a huge thanks to St John’s congregation who feature in this edition. Practical examples of expressing God love through serving each other is a rich reminder of how much God loves each and every one of us created uniquely by Him and made perfect through our shared hope in the resurrection.

Blessings, JvR


At LDS we talk about community and how we can assist our clients to find connections in community and sometimes the community finds us.

Our first house – Shimron in Unley is closely connected to St John’s Lutheran in Unley. Many of our clients worship at this church and have become an essential part of the congregation and the community.

The Church has become a safe place for our clients to feel a part of the community, to worship and to express their faith.

We were delighted when the congregation approached LDS again this year to help clean up the garden after the successful working bee of 2021. Providing this outreach to our clients and making the house a home with a beautiful garden is a blessing and outpouring of love and faith from St. Johns.

Clients were encouraged to participate and engage with the volunteers and many had a great time working, chatting and socialising throughout the morning.

After a lot of work, the clients cooked a BBQ and shared a social (COVID-safe!) meal afterwards to continue the relationship building.

On behalf of everyone at LDS we thank we St. John’s congregation for supporting LDS and helping to make our clients a part of your community. God bless you all.

LDS Updates our Advertising

LDS is refreshing it’s media for the rest of 2022.  For digital, social and print media the clients from St Marys will appear in the ads.

We also have a new radio ad that will appear on CruiseFM and FiveAA.

Excellence – Meet Some of the Team

At LDS we are proud of our team of support workers. In this edition we introduce you to three of our awesome team: Julie Green, Mirza Asim Baig and Melissa Grant.

Hi, I’m Julie Green and I lead a happy, easy going life with my wonderful husband and live in a small country town north of Gawler. I have 7 grandchildren aged from 1yo to 17 years old. Love, love, LOVE my job and look forward to each and every day and intend to stay with LDS for the rest of my working life.

My Name is Mirza Asim Baig, I am 38 years old. I worked as a Courier Delivery Contractor for about 7 years before joining LDS. Working as a Disability Support Worker and joining LDS was one of the best decisions I’ve made in last decade. I love spending time with my family and travelling to new places with my wife. I also doing volunteer work within my free time.

I‘m Melissa Grant and I enjoy playing golf and am a member of the Grange Golf club. I also am a member of the Lockleys Lawn Bowls club where I play A grade pennant competition. I love watching football and my favourite team are the Adelaide crows. I have been a support worker for LDS for 5 years and enjoy helping my clients reach their maximum potential.

Empowerment @ Mansfield Park

Sharon is a client that lives in one of our properties in Mansfield Park and recently her TV stopped working and she was worried that she would miss out on watching her favourite programs and the Crows game the next day.

Using the LDS Empowerment funds Sandy (Team Leader) and Bryan (Support Worker) sprung into action.

While Sharon could have waited to go through the process to apply for some money for a new TV, her support team knew that Sharon needed a TV immediately and couldn’t wait a week or so for the approval.

So, the team decided that the best approach was to buy a replacement TV for Sharon so that she wouldn’t miss out and would have company over the weekend.

By accessing the LDS ’empowerment’ funds – allocated budget to enable clients to replace items or to make their house a home or for any worthwhile purpose – through a quick call to the Senior Client Services Manager for approval and the new TV was picked up.

Sharon had a great weekend, with only a few hours without a TV and even though the Crows lost, she still enjoyed the new TV.

At LDS we empower our staff to make quick decisions on how to support their clients so that the clients can feel safe and secure. Over the past year we have purchased new curtains, basketball rings, sporting equipment and cooking equipment.

Through the empowerment fund we empower our staff to empower our clients! Just another example of the LDS difference in serving our community.

NDIS Recertification Review

Over the past week LDS has undergone the NDIS Quality & Safeguarding Commission re-certification review.

The review was comprehensive and has allowed LDS to benchmark ourselves with the NDIS quality standards.  There are opportunities for improvement identified in the review and LDS is committed to ensuring that we action these quickly.

The assessors also gave us feedback that LDS has a very mature system, comprehensive reporting and a strong governance approach.  They also told us that our staff love working at LDS and are client focussed.  Our clients told us through the assessors that they like being a part of LDS and love their homes.

We thank all of the participants in the review – clients, family and staff, all of whom gave their time to chat with the assessors.

We will inform everyone of the final sign-off of the re-certification once this becomes available from the NDIS Quality & Safeguarding Commission.

It’s Like Chalk and Cheese

In February LDS welcomed four new clients that live in Klemzig to the LDS family. Since Andrew, Bradly, Rory and Leigh have joined LDS we have seen them all blossom and have asked the families how they are transitioning.

“I am impressed with the way that the Lutheran Disability houses are cared for. They are clean and beautifully organised. The houses supplied by Lutheran Disability are of a very high standard. This is another way that all clients are shown that they are very important people and worth having a lovely home to live in. The kindness and loving care towards all clients is always apparent.”

“All the support workers we have met have been very pleasant and helpful. Communicating with LDS office has been easy and replies are very prompt. We know Andrew can be difficult but from our perspective he has been much calmer and happier since the LDS transition. He now has a key support worker whom he knows well and who understands his. support needs.”

“We feel we can now relax and step back a bit knowing he is happy and in good hands.”

“I was speaking with Bradly about all the wonderful things he is doing with Lutheran and how the support workers are so kind and caring towards him and I said it was like ‘chalk and cheese’. Bradly probably didn’t really understand but he thought it was funny and laughed, so I explained it carefully to him. So now when we speak on this subject, he says “it is like chalk and cheese” and has a good laugh.”

“Personally, as Bradly’s Guardian, I have been impressed that right from the start of our relationship with Lutheran Disability, that all levels of staff were happy to listen to things that I told them
about Bradly. Instructions were made and all support workers had access to them. The staff have been very cooperative in carrying out instructions from doctors, psychologist etc. and even myself. This along with all Lutheran Disabilities other care policies makes for a very personal and happy atmosphere.”

“We are all so very happy with the change in Bradly. He is happy almost all the time. He is very settled with regular support workers and the fact that those care workers show him such kindness and make time for him.”

“I personally have a peace of mind about Bradly that I have not experienced any concern. I trust the support workers and staff of any kind to do their very best for Bradly. I feel that I have a good working relationship with them and that, believe me, is a wonderful feeling. Thank you all for your genuine care of Bradly and all your clients. God bless.”

Welcome to all of our new clients and welcome to the LDS family.

Looking for a new home with an organisation that will help give you purpose, connection and create with you a happy home?  Contact Jordan Matthews today on 0431 685 808.

LDS Buys a House

Back in January LDS received notice that the WEL house lease was not going to be renewed and so the hunt for a new house for the WEL team was underway. After a comprehensive search for a new property to rent or buy was undertaken LDS fell in love with a new house in Plympton and so the journey to buy RAF was commenced.

After chatting with the current WEL clients we understood that everyone wanted to stay living together and we were able to find this beautiful leafy home with 4 bedrooms close to the WEL house and everyone’s activities.

The last seven weeks has seen ups and downs as transitions are usually challenging and moving is stressfully, the clients are settling into their lovely new home and these are their highlights:


Catherine: “I love the art and craft space.”

Jake: Likes all the built in cupboards

David: Likes the outside area, it’s nice and big.

Terry: “I love my new big room”


LDS also loves this new property and our strategy to ensure that clients can have homes for the long term that are safe and secure. Our plan is to have many more RAFs in partnership with Churches and community partners over the next few years.

Catherine, Jake, David and Terry we are so glad you love your new home!

Independence, Friends & Fish

LDS has been growing in recent months and in March we launched a new property in Edwardstown with three ladies coming together to live at the property. This beautiful house has become a home with these lovely ladies adding their personal touch to the property.

Jenni was living at another LDS property and told her support worker that she loves her new house because she is more independent and has a lot of fun. Jenni also loves to cook and is enjoying assisting with meals for the whole house.

Sam is new to LDS and says that she is really enjoying the independence and having a say about her daily living. “I like having new friends and having support to make my meals” said Sam. “The staff are much better than what I had at my old place! The staff are so much nicer and funnier!”

Natalie is also a new client to LDS and told staff that she likes having more choices and being more Independence, loves helping to cook and having assistance with household chores. For Natalie, having friendly & caring staff is also important.

What everyone loves is feeding the fish!

Jenni, Sam & Natalie have made this house their home and we welcome them to the LDS Family!

Mark’s Art Exhibition

LDS has been providing support to clients to achieve their life goals and to be able to participate in community.

Mark is an example of a client who loves to be creative and to express himself through his artwork. Mark has been attending Broughton Arts for approximately 3 years. Marks visions of different worlds and planets are reflected in his art work. “I love going to class and learning how to show my visions through my artwork.”

Mark has been a client of LDS for several years and lives independently at Shimron house.

Mark has the freedom to express himself through his art work with encouragement from family & LDS staff. Hans his arts teacher at Broughton Arts encourages Mark to use bright colours, detail & imagination which is reflected in his work.

Hahndorf Academy has an exhibition of Marks unique paintings on from 9th April-31st May 2022 – 68 Main Street, Hahndorf SA 5245.