Michael, the CEO of Lutheran Disability Services, recently received an invite to an amazing event in which he reflects:

“Maria, Claire, and Julie invited me into their home for a traditional High Tea, complete with homemade desserts and of course, tea. During the event, I spent time with staff, guardians, and clients to gain insight on how we are doing as an organisation and if we are delivering on our promise.

I received some valuable feedback from staff, who emphasised that at LDS, clients are truly at the center of everything we do, and our staff is engaged in ensuring clients enjoy a variety of activities. Guardians shared that we are easy to work with and they are happy with our service. And clients expressed their happiness with our services.

Not only did I learn about our organisation, but I also had the pleasure of learning a couple of things from Maria and Claire. Maria’s mother taught her how to make the delicious Italian almond cookies, and Claire shared her passion for WWE-style wrestling.

At LDS, we are committed to providing our clients with the best possible care and support. It was great to see firsthand how we are delivering on our promise.”

– Michael Kromwyk, CEO

Check out some photos below: