COVID vaccine update

Yesterday (7 March) LDS joined the NDS membership in meeting with the Department of Health and NDIA to find out more information on the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In SA the State Government has been calling disability service providers to validate data. LDS received a call last week. They are now in the process of scheduling vaccination appointments for Group Disability Homes for clients and support workers on staff that day.

As you would have seen in the media the Government is also moving forward with Phase 1B from 22 March. This phase will capture clients living in single-person homes and the balance of our support workers.

These vaccinations will occur at your local GP. Please note that your local GP will have very limited doses at the commencement and will contact you direct for your appointment and/or for the client.

Once we know more information, I will continue to update you.

You can keep up to date on COVID and vaccine rollouts on our COVID page.

Contact: Michael Kromwyk, Senior Service Development Manager