Jack’s Delights

Introducing Adelaide’s newest social enterprise – Jack’s Delights – by LDS Client Jack Dawe. Jack has a passion for growing plants, vegetables and fruits and can be seen regularly at LDS offices, EBC Tuesday and other events selling his fresh, home grown products.

Recently Jack started his new online business, Jack’s Delights, where in addition to his fresh fruits and vegetables he is also selling ‘Gin Buddies’ – essential for warm summer nights gins. Jack has also expanded the range to include Jams and Cauliflower Pickle.

“I came up with the idea of my business with my Support Workers and they have helped me to expand my range,” said Jack.

Jack has used some of the proceeds from his business to enjoy a holiday on the Gold Coast recently and is currently saving up for a new printer.

As an entrepreneur Jack isn’t satisfied with the growth of his business just yet. “I want to see my business grow and grow.” With some changes to Jack’s support worker team he says, “I’ve already stepped up and taken the lead.” Clearly Jack is destined for a future role on Celebrity Apprentice!

To buy from Jack’s social enterprise email Jack at JackDawesDelights@gmail.com or go to his facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/JackDawesDelights/