Hillcrest CP/ILO/SIL

SIL Home

At LDS we help to create happy homes for our clients. Our clients have the same right as everyone to enjoy life, be integrated into the community and to have a happy home. Our specialist team of support workers are trained to serve the clients to ensure that they can achieve their life goals including making sure that there is fun at home, work and play!

LDS has a vacancy at our delightful community in Hillcrest.  This three-bedroom home is a neat, tidy and clean house with a male room mate in their 30s.

This property has been available for some time as the existing client has SIL with no overnights and we are looking for a SIL or someone with significant Core to join us.  Here is a bit more information about the existing client:

Language and interaction

  • Prefers non-specific language, general questions and open ended questions
  • Respectful of others and their items. Does not want people to enter his room.
  • A social person who enjoys his down time and being in his own space. Seeking someone who is similar.
  • Enjoys social settings, but it can take him some time to warm up and feel comfortable

Activities and home life

  • He likes exercising through walking, hikes, rowing machine and going on camps with Camp Ability.
  • He is not the tidiest in his room or around the house, so will need to be someone who is okay with a little clutter.
  • He likes to cook himself meals and coffee and he is not seeking staff to cook for him.
  • Watches TV, movies
  • Listens to audio books, and plays some console games
  • Enjoys attending EBC and other community activities
  • Goes to work experience at Jigsaw on Thursdays
  • Cooking class on Tuesdays
  • No Pets

Here is some more information about the property:

With lots of natural light, a garden and BBQ area, this home is situated in a hub with three other LDS managed houses.  Because this is a community you will get access to community BBQs, activities and sports – cricket and basketball.

Situated close to all public amenities, shops and public transport, while also being in a quite cul-de-sac means that this will be a wonderful home for the right client.

Our existing client receives supports during the day and has many interests throughout the day.  He would like to live with someone who enjoys their independence and would like to try new things such as cooking and getting out in the community.

Does this sound like your happy home?  If so please contact LDS at admin@ldssa.org.au to enquire today.

Available now.

If you know a suitable person to come and share our happy home please call Jordan Matthews on 0431 685 808 or email jmatthews@ldssa.org.au.