Empowerment @ LDS

One of the important jobs we have at LDS is making sure we do everything we can to help our clients thrive in their homes. From recruiting good staff, ensuring we have the right training, good communication and finding fun things to engage with at home & the community – there is a lot that goes into this.

But the very first area we need to get right is matching clients so that we can enable each person to thrive in their own individual way.

Recently our Mersey Street House welcomed two new housemates to join Naomi: Kristin and Genevieve.

While everyone has their own schedule, just like all houses we come together at meal times and have outings into the community.

The matching process is not just about whether the housemates will get on together, but can they form real, enduring friendships so that shared experiences of family & friends visiting, sharing meals or going to the beach becomes a part of the way we live and share our house together.

At LDS we take the time to allow all housemates to get to know each other before deciding to move in and then work with each client to respect their individually as well as supporting to foster and develop great friendships that are enduring.