We made a commercial!

Over the past few months, there has been extensive work in the Marketing Department and in conjunction with our media partner, BAD., we finally got to shooting the video commercial in the past couple weeks. With two and a half days days of shooting video and photo, we managed to get 9 individual distinctive scenes, 18 LDS clients casted in main scenes, many background extras consisting of clients and support workers… and many many support staff, camera crew, agency crew, and the LDS team from all levels and departments involved.

Thank you to all the clients, support staff, families, and management to make the photo & video shoot a success. It was a fun several days and we are so proud of how well everyone did! Our clients love being on camera and for those who were a little shy – they warmed up quickly with the support of all the fun-loving team around on the day. We can’t wait to show you the final product.

As a side note, we wanted to make a special mention to support worker Grace Sicari for volunteering her time and effort and to support clients to create these amazing colourful beanies for the footy game scene! Pictured below we have client Samantha using the beanie maker, with the support of Grace. It was fantastic to see on the day the efforts of clients and staff shown off on camera.

Client Samantha in a purple shirt and purple hair smiles at the camera whilst using her beanie maker to make a read beanie. She is sitting at a wooden table in the living area.