Client Artwork at the Versatility Exhibition by Broughton Art Society

LDS clients entered and exhibited their paintings at Versatility, the 55th Annual Exhibition at Broughton Art Society. Well done to everyone who contributed to the beautiful display of arts and crafts.
The display is held at Hughes Gallery, 411 Fullarton Rd, Fullarton SA. The exhibition is on until the 19th of November – please head on down to have a look and maybe purchase yourself a new piece of art!
See below some images of our clients and their artwork:

Hughes Gallery, during the opening speech of the Exhibition

Andrew standing with his art – identifiable by his bold colours and block patterns.

Andrew’s artwork – he has sold two paintings so far!

Paul with his paintings – his artwork identifiable by his multi-dimensional media use, many colours, patterns and textures, with small details.

Paul at the opening night of the exhibition!

Paul’s artwork

Christina with her paintings – her art identifiable by her bright colours, texture, and love of painting animals

Christina’s artwork

Christina with her paintings

Mark with his paintings – identifiable by warm pastel colours, floral, and nature like patterns

Mark’s art & woodwork

Mark having a seat at the gallery

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