Rocco is a very social and sociable person. He enjoys the company of people from all walks of life, age, cultures and experiences. He is a great coffee-maker, to entice his guests with conversation. He visits his friends and family regularly, and he does cooking and cleaning tasks around his flat.

He is also an active person and enjoys the outdoors. He enjoys bike riding and fishing/crabbing, and he is a member of a basketball and soccer team.

He attends Edwardstown Baptist Church (EBC) two or three times a week and engages in various community and Grumpies Men’s Shed programs. He thoroughly enjoys this and has become an entrenched member of these communities.

Rocco has a steady and varied mix of activities and programs that he is supported in each week. As well as his EBC and Men’s Shed activities, he goes to the gym for exercise physiology sessions two or three times a week. He mows his parents’ lawn and attends Tutti to undertake maintenance and gardening duties. He is about to enrol in Tutti as a participant in the visual arts program.