Independence, Friends & Fish

LDS has been growing in recent months and in March we launched a new property in Edwardstown with three ladies coming together to live at the property. This beautiful house has become a home with these lovely ladies adding their personal touch to the property.

Jenni was living at another LDS property and told her support worker that she loves her new house because she is more independent and has a lot of fun. Jenni also loves to cook and is enjoying assisting with meals for the whole house.

Sam is new to LDS and says that she is really enjoying the independence and having a say about her daily living. “I like having new friends and having support to make my meals” said Sam. “The staff are much better than what I had at my old place! The staff are so much nicer and funnier!”

Natalie is also a new client to LDS and told staff that she likes having more choices and being more Independence, loves helping to cook and having assistance with household chores. For Natalie, having friendly & caring staff is also important.

What everyone loves is feeding the fish!

Jenni, Sam & Natalie have made this house their home and we welcome them to the LDS Family!