LDS Buys a House

Back in January LDS received notice that the WEL house lease was not going to be renewed and so the hunt for a new house for the WEL team was underway. After a comprehensive search for a new property to rent or buy was undertaken LDS fell in love with a new house in Plympton and so the journey to buy RAF was commenced.

After chatting with the current WEL clients we understood that everyone wanted to stay living together and we were able to find this beautiful leafy home with 4 bedrooms close to the WEL house and everyone’s activities.

The last seven weeks has seen ups and downs as transitions are usually challenging and moving is stressfully, the clients are settling into their lovely new home and these are their highlights:


Catherine: “I love the art and craft space.”

Jake: Likes all the built in cupboards

David: Likes the outside area, it’s nice and big.

Terry: “I love my new big room”


LDS also loves this new property and our strategy to ensure that clients can have homes for the long term that are safe and secure. Our plan is to have many more RAFs in partnership with Churches and community partners over the next few years.

Catherine, Jake, David and Terry we are so glad you love your new home!