It’s Like Chalk and Cheese

In February LDS welcomed four new clients that live in Klemzig to the LDS family. Since Andrew, Bradly, Rory and Leigh have joined LDS we have seen them all blossom and have asked the families how they are transitioning.

“I am impressed with the way that the Lutheran Disability houses are cared for. They are clean and beautifully organised. The houses supplied by Lutheran Disability are of a very high standard. This is another way that all clients are shown that they are very important people and worth having a lovely home to live in. The kindness and loving care towards all clients is always apparent.”

“All the support workers we have met have been very pleasant and helpful. Communicating with LDS office has been easy and replies are very prompt. We know Andrew can be difficult but from our perspective he has been much calmer and happier since the LDS transition. He now has a key support worker whom he knows well and who understands his. support needs.”

“We feel we can now relax and step back a bit knowing he is happy and in good hands.”

“I was speaking with Bradly about all the wonderful things he is doing with Lutheran and how the support workers are so kind and caring towards him and I said it was like ‘chalk and cheese’. Bradly probably didn’t really understand but he thought it was funny and laughed, so I explained it carefully to him. So now when we speak on this subject, he says “it is like chalk and cheese” and has a good laugh.”

“Personally, as Bradly’s Guardian, I have been impressed that right from the start of our relationship with Lutheran Disability, that all levels of staff were happy to listen to things that I told them
about Bradly. Instructions were made and all support workers had access to them. The staff have been very cooperative in carrying out instructions from doctors, psychologist etc. and even myself. This along with all Lutheran Disabilities other care policies makes for a very personal and happy atmosphere.”

“We are all so very happy with the change in Bradly. He is happy almost all the time. He is very settled with regular support workers and the fact that those care workers show him such kindness and make time for him.”

“I personally have a peace of mind about Bradly that I have not experienced any concern. I trust the support workers and staff of any kind to do their very best for Bradly. I feel that I have a good working relationship with them and that, believe me, is a wonderful feeling. Thank you all for your genuine care of Bradly and all your clients. God bless.”

Welcome to all of our new clients and welcome to the LDS family.

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