NDIS Recertification Review

Over the past week LDS has undergone the NDIS Quality & Safeguarding Commission re-certification review.

The review was comprehensive and has allowed LDS to benchmark ourselves with the NDIS quality standards.  There are opportunities for improvement identified in the review and LDS is committed to ensuring that we action these quickly.

The assessors also gave us feedback that LDS has a very mature system, comprehensive reporting and a strong governance approach.  They also told us that our staff love working at LDS and are client focussed.  Our clients told us through the assessors that they like being a part of LDS and love their homes.

We thank all of the participants in the review – clients, family and staff, all of whom gave their time to chat with the assessors.

We will inform everyone of the final sign-off of the re-certification once this becomes available from the NDIS Quality & Safeguarding Commission.