Empowerment @ Mansfield Park

Sharon is a client that lives in one of our properties in Mansfield Park and recently her TV stopped working and she was worried that she would miss out on watching her favourite programs and the Crows game the next day.

Using the LDS Empowerment funds Sandy (Team Leader) and Bryan (Support Worker) sprung into action.

While Sharon could have waited to go through the process to apply for some money for a new TV, her support team knew that Sharon needed a TV immediately and couldn’t wait a week or so for the approval.

So, the team decided that the best approach was to buy a replacement TV for Sharon so that she wouldn’t miss out and would have company over the weekend.

By accessing the LDS ’empowerment’ funds – allocated budget to enable clients to replace items or to make their house a home or for any worthwhile purpose – through a quick call to the Senior Client Services Manager for approval and the new TV was picked up.

Sharon had a great weekend, with only a few hours without a TV and even though the Crows lost, she still enjoyed the new TV.

At LDS we empower our staff to make quick decisions on how to support their clients so that the clients can feel safe and secure. Over the past year we have purchased new curtains, basketball rings, sporting equipment and cooking equipment.

Through the empowerment fund we empower our staff to empower our clients! Just another example of the LDS difference in serving our community.