Meet the LDS Executive Team

With our newest recruit, Donna as Senior Operations Manager at Head Office, and Joyce’s promotion to Senior Finance Manager, we have filled out our Executive Team!

Group photo of the five executive staff at Lutheran Disability Services, standing in the office infront of a LDS branded backdrop with the logo tiled repeatedly.

Pictured: From left to right, we have Ben Natt (SCSM South), Donna Georg-Den (SOM), Michael Kromwyk (CEO), Joyce You (SFM), Matt Stevens (SCSM North).

Hear from Donna here introducing herself:

“Hi! I’m really happy to be part of the LDS family. I have worked in the field of disability and mental health for over 20 years and really love serving the community. My hobbies include coaching basketball, playing basketball and watching my children play their nominated sports. I enjoy travelling and going to the beach. Summer is my favourite season. I look forward to getting to know you all better and to continue to be of service.”

Headshot of Donna, Senior Operations Manager. She wears a pink floral top with a black cardigan. She stands in front of the LDS signage.

Also, hear from Joyce:

I feel very much blessed to have been able to re-join the LDS family again as a Finance Manager (now promoted to Senior).  The team, culture and leadership of LDS drew me back to both a business and an industry that I feel very passionately about.  I’m looking forward to working with all of you as we strive to support our community, under the strong leadership of our new CEO/business structure.”

Joyce manages the finance of Lutheran Disability Services (LDS) through effective leadership, advice and hands-on support. She focuses on delivering outcomes that are aligned to the mission, values and financial goals of LDS to ensure that we are providing the optimum service to our clients. Joyce immigrated to Australia in 2006 and is a Certified Practising Accountant. Joyce has served LDS since 2015 and enjoys make a difference in the lives of our clients through her role.

Image of Joyce, Senior Finance Manager. She has shoulder length brownn hair, and wears a brown check-patterned dress. She stands in front of the white backdrop with LDS logos tiled across.

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